ECONAR ColdClimate Geothermal Heat Pump Series for Northern Climates 

From the cold climate experts, GeoSystems ECONAR ColdClimate Geothermal Heat Pump Series is designed  for the colder climates.  With TruBalance™ Technology, the ECONAR ColdClimate series balances the heating and cooling output to keep you comfortable all year without sacrificing efficiency. 

About ECONAR ColdClimate Series

ECONAR ColdClimate Series geothermal heat pumps have been in production since 1981.  With a specialization in cold climate technology thousands of systems have been installed across the United States and Canada.  GeoSystems took over the ECONAR product line in 2008 and has continued to evolve the product line to its current Energy Star requirements.

Why ECONAR ColdClimate Geothermal Heat Pump Series

  • Ideal for colder climates because it is equipped with TruBalance™ Technology to balance heating and cooling output to keep you comfortable year roundcallout-replace
  • Industry-leading hot air output temperatures
  • Up to 70% savings on annual heating and cooling bill
  • Energy Star Tier 3 qualified
  • Highest overall heating capacity per cooling ton, giving you a more smaller more efficient system
  • Award-Winning Active Control Panel
  • Advanced technology giving you the peace of mind of a better performing system

Cold Climate Experts

Located in the heart of Minnesota, GeoSystems knows the unpredictability of living in a cold climate.  From temperatures well below freezing in the winter to the scorching hot, humid days of summer, we’ve experienced it all and know whatcallout-replace you are looking for in a heating and cooling system.  ECONAR ColdClimate geothermal heat pumps are made for the ever changing weather of the northern climates.  Keeping the ones you love comfortable all year long without sacrificing efficiency.

Savings and Efficiency

All the energy you need to heat and cool your home can be found right under your feet.  The secret of a geothermal heat pump is that it draws heat from the earth where the temperature remains constant year-round.  By using this technology, geothermal heat pumps work more efficiently, so you save as much as 70% on your annual heating and air-conditioning costs.  The 30% federal tax credit for geothermal installation projects along with other state and local incentives makes now the right time to invest in a GeoSystems geothermal heat pump! 

Total Comfort  

Whether its winter, summer, spring or fall, GeoSystems ECONAR ColdClimate series has you covered.   Giving you the total indoor comfort experience, with brands you can trust to protect the people you care about and the buildings you’ve invested in.  

Warmer in the winter

With an ECONAR ColdClimate geothermal heat pump, winters in the northern climates no longer need to be feared.  With our industry-leading hot air output temperatures, you are sure to feel the warmth throughout your home without any cold spots (drafts).  As the cold climate experts in Minnesota, GeoSystems ECONAR ColdClimate series have been heating homes from Duluth, MN to Fairbanks, AK all winter long for years without additional heat sources. With a geothermal heat pump, you don’t need to worry about high heating bills because it covers your total heating needs at a lower annual operating cost.   

More comfortable in the summer

An ECONAR ColdClimate geothermal heat pump also means for comfort in the summer.  During those hot summer days, your geothermal heat pump works to pull the humidity out of your house – providing the right amount of cooling and total comfort all year long.  GeoSystems’ TruBalance™ technology ensures that your system won’t over cool your living space or short cycle leaving you feeling damp.  It’s a difference you can feel! 

Along with feeling the difference, you can see and hear it too.  Since a geothermal heat pump system is contained in one simple package inside your home, there is no need for your old noisy air conditioning system in your backyard.  This leaves you with a bigger, quieter and more peaceful backyard.  Beyond regaining space and reducing noise, an all-in-one geothermal heat pump system is protected inside your home reducing the maintenance. 

Advanced “Award-Winning” Technology

By choosing GeoSystems geothermal products, you get state-of-the art advanced technology, including our Award-Winning Active Control Panel.  Our Active Control Panel lets you know the system is operating correctly, shows you when it is heating and cooling and works as a tool for easier troubleshooting.  

The ECONAR ColdClimate series features TruBalance™ technology and Built-in Test Equipment.  TruBalance™ technology regulates heating and cooling output to maximize warmth in the winter and humidity control in the summer.  With the technology of the Built-in Test Equipment, you can gain access to key information at the touch of your hand.  As the industry leader in advanced technology, our customers get quieter, better performing systems with less hassle and maintenance needed.  Giving you time for the more important things in life. 


Keeping the ones you love safe and sound is important. That’s why all GeoSystems geothermal heat pumps are designed with your safety in mind. No fossil fuels mean no combustion, no flame and no carbon monoxide in your home.